The Borzoi Club

Established                    1892



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Breeder:  Sharon Binnie  




Location: Scotland


Sire: Dreamlight Dancing Brave


Dam: Rothesby Celtic Rose by Dreamlight


Dogs and bitches, various colours.  Parents DM tested both clear N/N.


Available 2 x Gold males.  1 x White spotted bitch.


Due December 2017


Breeder:  Rhiannon Codling


Tel:  07853 797241  Email:


Location:  South Wales


Sire:   Mischran Shadows Land at Jansams


Dam:  Manitias Jelena at Jansams


Both parents DM tested Clear N/N


A special home is needed for "Babs".


Babs was taken in by Independent Borzoi Rescue as she suffered from a variety of health issues.  Babs has only on eye.  She also was discovered to have a liver shunt which has now been successfully operated on.


Babs is now ready for her own sofa and lifelong home.  Please contact Independent Borzoi Rescue.  Sue Simon on 0208 684 3958, email or Alma Ambrahams 01438 718735, email













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