The Borzoi Club

Established                    1892

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Borzoi Breed Health



The Borzoi Club recommends DNA testing of all breeding animals for the disease Degenerative Myelopathy.  The club has a discount scheme with a UK based lab for testing and club members can apply for a code to use for this purpose.  


Thank you to all responsible owners and  breeders who have had their borzoi tested and submitted results for the database.








Recommended health testing before breeding.


EYES  The Kennel Club / BVA eye testing scheme - tests are available pre booked at many UK Championship shows with a certified canine Opthamologist.  Otherwise there are eye testing days year round arranged for most regions of the UK.  Details posted on our club Facebook group, in the dog press, and also in the KC Journal.


HEART.  Annual Cardiac Auscultation is recommended to determine if there is any obvious cardiac issues such as a cardiac murmur.  A certified veterinary cardiiologist may also evaluate the heart by ECG,  and ultraound scan.  Heart testing days are scheduled around the UK by many breed societies and are often not limited to their own breed so you can apply to take your borzoi along.  


THYROID.  Thyroid testing is recommended.  Autoimmune Thyroiditis is inheritable and can be debilitating.

*** The Borzoi Club ran a screening programme some years ago and there is another one planned in the near future.


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