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Established                    1892



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The Borzoi Club UK


The Borzoi Club UK established in 1892 is one of the oldest breed clubs in Great Britain, and in 2017 celebreated it's 125th Anniversary.    The club has a large membership base both in the UK and also abroad.  New members are always welcome from home and worldwide, you do not even have to own a borzoi. Our members partake in a variety of activities with their borzoi such as exhibiting at dog shows, and also agility, bikejoring, lure coursing, and obedience.  Annually the club holds a Championship show and 2 Open shows.  Breed specific seminars are offered, and this is of interest to aspiring judges and also to anyone wishing to learn more about our beautiful breed.  

BORZOI.  The most aristrocratic of sighthounds. Breed standard.  All about the borzoi.  History.  Want a borzoi?  Sub menu - Borzoi Available.

SHOWS AND EVENTS.   Calendar of shows, seminars, and events.   Borzoi Club show results.  


HEALTH & WELFARE.  Health awareness, health testing, research, surveys. DM Database.  Welfare & rescue contacts.

CLUB MERCHANDISE.  Yearbooks, Champion Books and Folder, ring clips, notecards, mugs, pens, Christmas cards, and lots more.

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Member applications welcome - UK and worldwide  


Membership.  £9 Single / £12 Joint / £14 Family / £20 Overseas.  

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The Borzoi Club Judges List >


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Independent Borzoi Rescue


Foster homes needed.


For borzoi needing new homes.


Borzoi seeking new homes - please go to Borzoi Available under Borzoi above menu.


If you can help please contact

Alma Abrahams on 01438 718735

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Liz Whitehead, Vice President of The Borzoi Club sadly passed away on 3rd November 2018.


The funeral will be held on Tuesday 27th November at Chilterns Crematorium, Hampden Chapel, Whielden Lane, Amersham, HP7 OND.


Flowers may be sent via Surnam and Horwood,

Tel: 01844 351323